Ashok Nagar Co-operative
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Our Management

The Management & Administration

Management of the Society is governed by the Board of Directors. As per provisions of cooperative Act, the Board consists of eleven members, a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Joint Secretary and seven Directors. Fifty percent of the position of the Board of Diretors is reserved for ladies. The Board functions under overall control of the Chairman whith the Honorary Secretary as its Chief Executive Officer. Society is primarily run by the Honorary Secretary with the help of other members of the Board of directors. To help the administration memcers having expertise in different fields are nominated as member of sub committee to advise the Board of Directors in planning and excuting different schemes.

Mr. Awadhesh Mishra Chairman9431102595
Mrs. Ritu Sahay Vice-Chairman7564903403
Mr. Gopalji Prasad Hony. Secretary9431326084
Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Joint Secretary99341111157
Mrs. Shobha Kumari Director9430116655
Mrs. Renu Sahay Director 9955454686
Dr. Mrs. Rital Lal Director 9334712628
Mrs. Sushila Singh Director 9801961217
Mrs. Nandi Devi Director9431105517
Mr. Maheshwari Prasad Director9334703144
Mr. Sanjay Tripathi Director9430340494
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