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Services housing Cooperative Society popularity known as Ashoknagar Society was established in 1960. In the then state of Bihar, employees and officers from far and distant places of the state used to be posted at Ranchi.Since avail ability of private and government accomodation were short of the requirement, government decided to provide land for construction of residential houses for its employees. This was to facilitate the living of its emplyees to improve the efficiency of working. For this purpose this Cooperative Society was formed. Ashoknagar is located in the heart of Ranchi with its proximity to Air Port, Railway station, Bus Depot, High court, Nepal house, Secreteriate and other important establishments.

Distance of the colony from :

A) Ranchi Railway Station 4 Kms
B) Govt. Bus Stand 3 Kms
C) Private Bus Stand 6 Kms
D) Aerodrome 5Kms
E) Sadar Hospital 5 Kms
F) RIMS 10 Kms
G) Alvert Ekka Chowk 6 Kms

Out of total area of 154.46 Acres of land allotted to the Society was divided into 508 residential plots of four different sizes to suit the individual requirement besides keeping ample space for clubs, parks, health centre, marketing complex etx... Total lengh of internal roads is approximately 11,00 K.M with wide flanks. The Roads are illuminated with LED lights, and other important establishments.

Ashoknagar has some eminent serving and retired Doctors, Engineers, Administrator, Forest Officres, Professors and other eminent persons of different faculty as its members. We are privileged to have ladies members of exceptional qualities and brilliance among us. Having the ability and capacity to manage cultural events, they deep the spirit of life alive. Without major assistance from any source they do praiseworthy and philanthropic work by reaching to the remote areas for medical and material help to the needy ...

Mission & Vision

Thanks to the founder members, our society has a unique distinction of being well planned residential colony. Without any financial assistance from the government, we are maintaining the essential services such as water supply, security, road maintanance, maintainance of parks etc. by the contribution of our own members.

However with changing life style, there is a great challenge to keep pace with time. In present contex of national movement for Swachha Bhart we are trying to keep our surroundings and invironment as clean as possible.

Our Vision for the future is to keep the Happiness Index of our society as high as possible. Most of our members are retired Government Servent and what they need most is the feeling that they are still very important part of this family. Ashok Nagar is not merely a residential colony, it is a big family. It is evedent to see the sence of respect and care the younger generation shows to its elderly members. It is and will be our endeavor to keep our envoirment as pleasent and ecofriendly as possible. The Greenery of Ashoknagar is its lifeline. The coordinated effort of the society, Club and Devalay is to provide space for our members to keep themselves busy physically and mentally. We are sure that the present cohesion among members will further improve and the bondage will be stronger in the future.


Since Ashoknagar is a self dependent society, its activities spreads in all the spheres. Important works are keeping waste disposal, fogging, preventing mosquito breeding by keeping the drains clean, maintaining parks, street light, profiding water supply to its members, for emergency medical serviee providing Ambulance, maintaining its own security system, repair & maintainance of roads culverts, building of office and marketing complex and other related works. Recently Ranchi Nagar Nigam has taken up the work of wast disposal which is a big help.


As we know, bigger the institution bigger are the challenges. To maintain the residential nature of this colony, the pace of commerceialization has to be checked. The frequency and volume of traffic has vastly increased due to fast commercialization disturbing the peace and harmony of the society. Trees on the flanks of roads are decaying partially due to its age and partially due to unscientific prunning Though replacement are in process, it needs to be more vigorous and inclusive. With fast increase in population water requirement is increasing day by day. Water lable is going down fast. Though members of Ashok Naga has taken up rain water harvesting in a big way, more should be done to meet the gap.

Members of Ashoknagar being dignified and lawabiding citizen are well aware of the challenges and there is no doubt that our members will continue to maintain the peace, harmony, brotherhood and dignity of this institution which is considered even today as GEM in the CROWM.

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